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Quake Live is the online web-based remake of Quake 3 Arena
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Quake is the well-known shooter that helped define the entire genre, next to names like Doom, Wolfenstein and Unreal. Its engine was so effective that it’s still used nowadays by a lot of games. Quake Live is both a service and an application that lets you play the entertaining Quake 3 shooter in an online environment, while being able to measure your skills versus players of the same ability levels and keep track of your progress rate and of various other statistics. In other words, Quake Live makes it easy to find a Quake 3 server, join it, and have a lot of fun playing Quake 3 versus other human players. Based on the details of the account that you’re required to create with Quake Live in order to use this service, the servers will be located in geographical areas close to you, which means you won’t have to deal with unpleasant issues like lags (delays) or communication trouble (the other players speaking other languages than you).

A thing that I like a lot about Quake Live is that it can be used for free without missing much. There are indeed paid subscriptions too, but they seem more suitable for hardcore players that need additional features and options. For a casual player, a free account will do just fine.

Since it’s a service built around the Quake 3 game, it also benefits of all the many advantages of this popular shooter. The multitude of modes, arenas, weapons, customizable options, and other features, as well as the powerful game engine (the famous id Tech 4), make Quake 3 a highly-appreciated shooter even nowadays, 15 years after its first release, and Quake Live a really addictive and entertaining pastime occupation.

Margie Smeer
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  • Provides all the standard Quake 3 modes, arenas, weapons, characters, and other features
  • Lets you quickly connect to nearby servers
  • Lets you play against opponents of similar skill levels


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